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Help Your Child Discover the Beauty of Self-Acceptance with Twinkle Twinkle Little Moon!

Give your child a book that will help them learn how to accept themselves for who they really are:  Twinkle Twinkle Little Moon—A book about self-acceptance and love in children. Support your children on their journey toward becoming adults living in a complicated world with a book they’ll love to read over and over when you order your copy of this inspiring children’s book.

About Twinkle Twinkle Little Moon

Twinkle Twinkle Little Moon is a charming story inspired by author Jeffrey Bates’ daughter Bayleigh. What was initially her dream turned into a full-blown children’s story. This story highlights the importance of self-acceptance and love. Diving deep beyond the superficial, this children's book shows your child how they can truly accept themselves in their unique lunar light, just like Little Moon did - who draws her power from their own "star." With this book, children learn to accept themselves and the nurturing the book suggests! The book poetically draws in the listener and invites them to consider the feeling of "not being bright enough." The illustrations and creative storytelling enchant children while parents love the message they receive. While other children's development books focus on becoming something more, this book shows children they are already bright enough! A true lesson of love.


Author Jeffrey Bates is passionate about storytelling and how it impacts the human condition. He combines his desire to inspire children to thrive right from the start with his understanding of imagination and self-acceptance.


In 2021, he was privileged to be a "co-heart" of the Buckminster Fuller Design Science Studio. Through this interaction he learned a great deal and refined his vision and mission. Even venturing to Miami for the studio's Regenaissance exhibition of the ARTS AND SCIENCES, he was thrilled to finally be in a position of storytelling where he was able to display his books amongst the wide variety of artists. He even got to stand next to Deepak Chopra before he went up on the stage.

As a parent and author, Jeffrey emphasizes helping children to not be fooled by the bravado or masks that people wear. Instead, he shows them how to peer beneath the surface and accept who they are. Jeffrey’s books (The Full-Fillment Series) are deeply reflective and are meant to provide mirrors through which we can see our true selves.

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David Hults

Your light is bright, your light is your own special light is a key message in this fun story from Jeffrey Bates. I wish we had messages like this in the childrens books when I was a kid. Its even more special that he has uplifted his own daughter's dream and artwork to share with all of us. Thanks Jeffrey!"

    Deb Childs

Beautifully written with a message. Our granddaughter loved the rhymes and rhythm of the writing and was quickly absorbed in the message."

Henry Baker

What could be better than a father speaking to his daughter about her dream. Then they bring the dream to life together through Bayleigh’s moon drawing and Jeffrey’s artistic and poetic skills. Jeffrey has an amazing skill of presenting important life lessons that develop emotional intelligence through seemingly simple children’s stories. I am always interested to see how I feel as an adult while sharing this book with my children and grandchildren."

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